Xerox® Versant 3100® Digital Color Press

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Improve margins. Grow profits. Do more with the Xerox® Versant 3100® Digital Color Press.

The Xerox® Versant 3100® Digital Color Press delivers more of what you need in a high-volume print solution. Speed, optimized alignment, color calibration technologies, and robust finishing options allow you to respond with confidence to today’s every-changing print market.

  • Head-turning Ultra HD Resolution Technology delivers the color quality you need to stand above your competition and deliver the best looking prints to your customers
  • Full Width Array delivers near-total automation of virtually every quality parameter, from color calibration to registration, image transfer, density uniformity, image-to-media alignment and more
  • Increase your productivity and improve uptime with a wide range of inline finishing products to create your products from start to finish
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The Xerox® Versant® 3100 will attract new business and help you grow

With the Xerox® Versant 3100® Digital Color Press you’ll gain an instant quality advantage and ability to create high-value applications. Attract new business, increase margins and build a reputation for excellence with stunning, accurate output.

  • Print at top speeds on a wide range of media like envelopes, 26″ banners, polyesters, synthetic, textured, colored, enveloped, and more
  • Discover the ability to print packaging materials for products like golf balls, gift cards, and other retail products
  • With a flexible catalog of inline finishing products you can introduce new products that can be created with automation
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