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Image quality so outstanding your customers - and theirs - will be captivated

We’ve listened to our customers and leveraged our experience and heritage in the production print industry to develop this newest member of our family. Expanding on our proven success, we’ve packed design and technology innovations into the Xerox® Color 1000i Press, making them the image quality and productivity powerhouses that fit your production schedules as well as your workspace.

For instance:

  • Our “low melt” EA (Emulsion Aggregation) Dry Ink technology uses no fuser oil, giving all your applications a smooth, offset-like finish.
  • Advanced imaging technology with long-life photo receptors and dual wire, auto-cleaning corotrons lasts longer and provides more uniform print quality.
  • Advanced Xerox® color management technology with closed loop process controls enables vivid and consistent color rendition.
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Help your customers be more creative with a choice of Specialty Dry Inks

The Xerox® Color 1000i Press Presses let you enhance the creativity and impact of your prints with an optional fifth print station that lets you apply any of three available specialty dry inks—Clear, for spot or flood effects, or Metallic Silver or Gold—so you can capture more high-value, high-profit-potential applications:

  • Highlight logos and graphic images to make each element shine
  • Draw attention to static or variable text
  • Simulate or enhance a metallic appearance in four-color images with a tint overlay and underlay of Silver or Gold Dry Ink to achieve dynamic effects
  • Simulate a pearlescent or metallic appearance
  • Apply digital watermarks to add artistic effects or enhance security
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