About Us

Who We Are?

Boise Office Equipment has been a proud member of the community since 1961.

With an evolving market in the technical industry, BOE has made it a priority to bring the newest state of the art business solutions management and equipment to the Idaho market. Providing quality products with the highest level of customer service, BOE is confident that what we have to offer is superior to our competitors. Offering a vast range of products and services, our specialist specifically design solution management proposals based off of what you need and more importantly what future growth you envision.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox Business Solutions, Inc. Utilizing a decentralized business model – “Think Globally, Act Locally” – Xerox Business Solutions, Inc. (formerly GIS), provides regional management the authority to make operational decisions at the level closest to the customer and the end-user. This unique strategy allows us to outperform the competition in nearly every fiscal and operational performance category used by independent analysts from the office product industry. Going forward, we will continue to operate with this decentralized company philosophy and local executive management structure. Employees will continue to be empowered to make the decisions necessary to ensure immediate and remedial actions are taken to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. Our decisions are local, our warehouse is local and our service is local.

Xerox Business Solutions, Inc. support BOE through strategic partners who deliver “best of breed” technologies, a virtual “one-stop-shop” for solutions relating to the entire lifecycle of hard copy and electronic information. From desktop through workgroup to enterprise, BOE deploys document strategy experts on a local level who deliver cost reduction and process improvements through strategic methods.

Only BOE can bring you the advantages of national strength and scope, combined with the advantages of local autonomy and flexibility… that is Complete Versatility. Let our team demonstrate how we can contribute to the growth of your business!

Corporate Mission

To provide an un-paralleled customer experience through the power of people, technology, and innovation.

Corporate Goals

Consistently provide outstanding value and service to our customers, exceeding their expectations. Provide outstanding opportunities for career and growth to our employees
Establish and maintain outstanding vendor alliances through the “Partnering Concept”
Seek to grow internally at a rate above the industry; and grow through acquisitions that add to our coverage of the top 250 markets in North America and thereby, maximize returns to our shareholders

Global Imaging Systems and BOE will always operate with the highest integrity in dealing with employees, customers, vendors and shareholders.

Partner With Us


BOE has been an innovator and leader with the Total Print and Document Management concept. We commit to keeping our customers current with the changing document technology landscape while utilizing industry-leading tools and services to maximize cost-efficiency.

Above all else, we are a leader in our industry with integrity. Our sales and service professionals approach your business as if it were their own.

Proven Ideas and Solutions

Our go-to-market strategies have proven successful for our customers. We are positioned well to meet your technology and service requirements with our award-winning, industry-leading partners. Partnering with multiple best-of-breed companies gives BOE the ability to provide unbiased recommendations while delivering a customized approach to your unique document management needs.

Complete Versatility

Think Globally, Act Locally, Global’s founding motto. Our unique business model puts the decision-making and resources in the local markets to serve the local customers. Our national results are based on each location’s ability to be completely flexible and versatile within each of their local markets.