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The NEW Xerox Versant 2100

The NEW Xerox Versant 2100

Quality has always been and will always be one of the most important criteria your customers use to evaluate a printing solution…and to evaluate you. We appreciate that but we also appreciate you can’t slow your operation to achieve outstanding image quality. So the Xerox® Versant™ 2100 Press uses new levels of sophistication and automation to make achieving outstanding image quality easier than ever.

  • Reduce Costs - The Versant 2100 Press is the centerpiece of a solution that can help you reduce costs across your enterprise. The primary tool in that cost reduction is advanced automation that drives trial and error, waste and operator intervention out of the print production process. The quality and speed you need to satisfy your customers comes more easily and efficiently than ever.
  • Produce More Jobs - The Versant 2100 Press gives you everything you need to produce more jobs—and by that we mean a couple of things. It equips you with the workflow, intelligence and power to produce the 50 to 100 different jobs that digital, short-run printing demands in a day. And it gives you the flexibility to produce jobs of greater variety on a range of media, finished in ways that increase value and with personalized content that increases response rates.
  • Impress Your Customers - Image quality is, and will always be, a primary way that you can satisfy your customers. The Versant 2100 Press provides excellent image quality to impress on a tremendous range of jobs. It does it with built-in color management technologies, ultra HD image quality—and with less operator intervention than ever.
  • Grow Your Business - Much like results, growing your business is different for everyone. But it is something that every organization is striving for. That growth can be with external customers for graphic communications printers or internal customers for in-house print shops. But whichever it is, growth is essential to your continued viability. And whichever it is, it is achieved in the same way—with the Xerox® Versant 2100 Press.

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