Law firms have distinct technology needs and face unique technology challenges. BOE knows that a good legal IT strategy includes more than just communications and hardware; it requires regular backups, 24/7 x 365 access and real-time updates to client data, not to mention the highest level of data security.

At BOE, our legal IT services focus on providing your firm with the tools necessary to practice law and take care of your clients. Meeting your specific IT, workflow, software and hardware challenges requires a legal technology partner who understands the nature of the industry and can develop a plan specifically tailored for your practice.

With BOE as your technology partner, you will appreciate such benefits as:

  • Server security and encryption capabilities that keep your documents safe and secure at all times
  • Collaborative software and hardware options that allow your team to work together simultaneously from separate remote locations
  • Mobile web integration with apps to track billable hours and ensure that you're never out of touch with clients and projects
  • Workflow solutions to optimize efficiency with customized databases, document management solutions, and superior quality imaging capabilities
  • Document management to digitally store and easily and affordably organize documents
  • High-level print security to comply with privacy needs and regulations

BOE’s specifically designed end-to-end legal IT solutions allow you – attorneys and law firms – to spend more time focused on your clients and less time on the technology you depend on every day.

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